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Player Name MapPlayer NameWinner Game Counted ?
_0_niels_b *-ClOn-* *-ClOn-* Yes
Player_7spa7woi _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b 2ro3 _0_niels_b Yes
2ro3 _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b axelf45 _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b Bonuspart Bonuspart Yes
SushiFinga _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b johhndwaterman _0_niels_b Yes
friggen1984uyt _0_niels_b friggen1984uyt Yes
_0_niels_b Waxer _0_niels_b Yes
Reethaar1980 _0_niels_b Reethaar1980 N.A
INSIDER_74 _0_niels_b INSIDER_74 N.A
_0_niels_b pacco2101 _0_niels_b Yes
amandre2020 _0_niels_b amandre2020 Yes
_0_niels_b MrHeadshot_uk MrHeadshot_uk Yes
_0_niels_b cx1972 _0_niels_b Yes
fathi.danielewski _0_niels_b fathi.danielewski N.A
_0_niels_b Nikki Nikki Yes
_0_niels_b ksiszymon983 ksiszymon983 Yes
_0_niels_b mattjolly _0_niels_b Yes
mattjolly _0_niels_b mattjolly Yes
_0_niels_b DJimmyM DJimmyM Yes
_0_niels_b NiBoJi NiBoJi Yes
nemaxfuture _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b GAPMAN0405 _0_niels_b Yes
Crippsy1986 _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
Paulfatherthdaniel _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
Bonuspart _0_niels_b Bonuspart Yes
_0_niels_b efernsdel efernsdel N.A
_0_niels_b wellsy83 _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b MatthiasBerlin _0_niels_b Yes
wonder75 _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
gjbirmingham _0_niels_b gjbirmingham N.A
Juppinchen _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b Clamos Clamos N.A
tao _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
sondenis _0_niels_b sondenis Yes
_0_niels_b lplacombe _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b lplacombe _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b lukasbruegge lukasbruegge Yes
lukasbruegge _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
Hugo Stiglitz _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b PzBtl153 _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b alessio.palanca85 alessio.palanca85 Yes
pacco2101 _0_niels_b pacco2101 Yes
_0_niels_b 418455 _0_niels_b Yes
418455 _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
syzwax _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b Zero Zero Yes
_0_niels_b LightTanksRG4Y _0_niels_b Yes
PzBtl153 _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b CENTER CENTER Yes
Felix101980 _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b tommyaggel _0_niels_b Yes
-SRB-Petkovic- _0_niels_b -SRB-Petkovic- Yes
-SRB-Petkovic- _0_niels_b -SRB-Petkovic- Yes
_0_niels_b Fayghter Fayghter Yes
Reethaar1980 _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b benjam25 benjam25 N.A
ReachersChild _0_niels_b ReachersChild Yes
_0_niels_b sondenis sondenis N.A
tomc_1198 _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
tomc_1198 _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
Aim is 4-player FFA _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
Bisto_03 _0_niels_b Bisto_03 N.A
_0_niels_b MT0770 _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b Player_7spa7woi Player_7spa7woi N.A
donna.marlow _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b CENTER CENTER Yes
_0_niels_b Telboy _0_niels_b Yes
FraRiland _0_niels_b FraRiland Yes
_0_niels_b vagjiani _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b joe8850 _0_niels_b Yes
50cannock _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b threepwood1984 threepwood1984 Yes
bigpapa123t _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b garbarlfc _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b LukMik1984 LukMik1984 N.A
_0_niels_b dmb8420 _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b mariuszkondzielnik93 mariuszkondzielnik93 Yes
_0_niels_b hillskillisback hillskillisback N.A
Jonas G _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
star_grinder_bm _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
michael _0_niels_b michael Yes
_0_niels_b Proudster1 Proudster1 Yes
_0_niels_b nubeslegend nubeslegend N.A
Basslast _0_niels_b Basslast Yes
_0_niels_b jonnycrosby12345 jonnycrosby12345 N.A
_0_niels_b #'[email protected]*' #'[email protected]*' Yes
HAL-ME-89 _0_niels_b HAL-ME-89 Yes
Jonas G _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b stevefarmer25 _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b Mr_\342\202\241onan Mr_\342\202\241onan Yes
_0_niels_b Himmoalgek _0_niels_b Yes
lichtebries _0_niels_b lichtebries Yes
_0_niels_b Kalkhoff83 Kalkhoff83 Yes
_0_niels_b CHMD _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b -SRB-Petkovic- _0_niels_b Yes
martin.habel _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b KoningEvert _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b boy13george boy13george N.A
_0_niels_b boy13george boy13george N.A
_0_niels_b TPKpaul_EU _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b ShadowCast ShadowCast Yes
_0_niels_b Toinoulefurieu _0_niels_b Yes
killa1157 _0_niels_b killa1157 Yes
_0_niels_b [cdc]Max Power [cdc]Max Power Yes
_0_niels_b [cdc]Max Power [cdc]Max Power Yes
_0_niels_b Cocainum! Cocainum! Yes
_0_niels_b lichtebries lichtebries Yes
_0_niels_b Massey lee gaming Massey lee gaming Yes
_0_niels_b captnrmt _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b *-ClOn-* _0_niels_b Yes
luckyluck83 _0_niels_b luckyluck83 N.A
_0_niels_b urru.urrutia urru.urrutia Yes
_0_niels_b Markus222222 Markus222222 Yes
_0_niels_b urru.urrutia urru.urrutia Yes
_0_niels_b #'[email protected]*' _0_niels_b Yes
Rotluchs _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b clown _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b ron1210a _0_niels_b Yes
neowhoru _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b Paulfatherthdaniel _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b pestalozzi fritz _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b pestalozzi fritz _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b pestalozzi fritz _0_niels_b Yes
Sweeties1969 _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b martin.habel martin.habel Yes
leffabybba _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b Lauriello123 Lauriello123 Yes
Skuzzy _0_niels_b Skuzzy Yes
_0_niels_b rbt34 rbt34 N.A
_0_niels_b Rstyle Mario Rstyle Mario Yes
_0_niels_b V\302\243N0M _0_niels_b Yes
ingo.zantow _0_niels_b ingo.zantow Yes
Mircronix _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b Cross Fox _0_niels_b Yes
Ame7478 _0_niels_b Ame7478 Yes
_0_niels_b Handelsregister _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b rob rob Yes
LONGEROPOLIISI _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
vagjiani _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
V\302\243N0M _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b Seal_clubba _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b halyreza _0_niels_b Yes
venive _0_niels_b venive Yes
_0_niels_b SituationalLefty _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b [VAL] Arie _0_niels_b Yes
JessGodden _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
eddynuff _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b Caos Caos Yes
_0_niels_b e6dno e6dno Yes
Ashwoody86 _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b fiske_roev fiske_roev Yes
fiske_roev _0_niels_b fiske_roev Yes
_0_niels_b wellsy83 wellsy83 N.A
MT0770 _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b tdodig34 _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b Seal_clubba Seal_clubba Yes
_0_niels_b Seal_clubba Seal_clubba Yes
_0_niels_b *-ClOn-* *-ClOn-* Yes
_0_niels_b *-ClOn-* *-ClOn-* Yes
_0_niels_b oranzo oranzo N.A
v-lew93 _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b mrpb1985 mrpb1985 N.A
_0_niels_b In your Face _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b In your Face In your Face Yes
waterside1984 _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b rbt34 _0_niels_b Yes
rbt34 _0_niels_b rbt34 N.A
_0_niels_b rbt34 _0_niels_b Yes
ShadowCast _0_niels_b ShadowCast Yes
Marcosbizkit31 _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b waterside1984 _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b Colman1815 _0_niels_b Yes
Minishark _0_niels_b Minishark Yes
_0_niels_b nirh060182 nirh060182 N.A
Shadow_killah444 _0_niels_b Shadow_killah444 Yes
_0_niels_b michael.basara _0_niels_b Yes
Mortuus _0_niels_b Mortuus Yes
V\302\243N0M _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b wellsy83 wellsy83 N.A
_0_niels_b roman.rl2 _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b Paulfatherthdaniel _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b GaijinTonic GaijinTonic Yes
_0_niels_b bigboixp bigboixp Yes
dermaxder420 _0_niels_b dermaxder420 Yes
_0_niels_b Hammersyellow _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b Teab0ne _0_niels_b Yes
waterside1984 _0_niels_b waterside1984 Yes
Stefan20162017 _0_niels_b Stefan20162017 Yes
_0_niels_b kikaille59 _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b robwhiteloxhore _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b nickucha _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b Ame7478 Ame7478 Yes
_0_niels_b Ame7478 Ame7478 Yes
_0_niels_b Ame7478 _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b Jon_A _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b r.scheumueller r.scheumueller Yes
_0_niels_b Elize _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b 8en 8en Yes
_0_niels_b jupidu0815 _0_niels_b Yes
cemetery wind _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
pupupupu _0_niels_b pupupupu Yes
TommyHawkeye _0_niels_b TommyHawkeye Yes
_0_niels_b speeder26969 _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b Jockel Jockel Yes
_0_niels_b heydari69 _0_niels_b Yes
joe8850 _0_niels_b joe8850 N.A
_0_niels_b pestalozzi fritz pestalozzi fritz Yes
_0_niels_b v-lew93 _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b Crippsy1986 _0_niels_b Yes
Crippsy1986 _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b Crippsy1986 _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b Crippsy1986 _0_niels_b Yes
neowhoru _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
szymskora _0_niels_b szymskora Yes
bema1260 _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b BKLYN28 BKLYN28 N.A
lacunacoilalex _0_niels_b lacunacoilalex Yes
lacunacoilalex _0_niels_b lacunacoilalex Yes
_0_niels_b FunkFlashinX _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b graf_odessa graf_odessa Yes
_0_niels_b 8en 8en Yes
Cross Fox _0_niels_b Cross Fox N.A
mdiekema1 _0_niels_b _0_niels_b Yes
_0_niels_b Seal_clubba Seal_clubba Yes
_0_niels_b mklong1982b _0_niels_b Yes
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