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Player Name MapPlayer NameWinner Game Counted ?
Shadow_killah444 schafe85 Shadow_killah444 Yes
schafe85 Scanjet784 schafe85 Yes
CommanderT99 schafe85 schafe85 Yes
Erisk schafe85 schafe85 Yes
schafe85 Backtoea schafe85 Yes
Kirball - Twitch schafe85 Kirball - Twitch Yes
schafe85 cemetery wind schafe85 Yes
schafe85 sgtjeff2558 schafe85 Yes
schafe85 Coincoin schafe85 Yes
schafe85 viktorscharf schafe85 Yes
schafe85 mijohsch schafe85 Yes
schafe85 LightTanksRG4Y LightTanksRG4Y Yes
schafe85 vincent00123456 vincent00123456 Yes
schafe85 CHR69 CHR69 N.A
Teab0ne schafe85 Teab0ne Yes
Mushu2021 schafe85 Mushu2021 Yes
schafe85 tazzoos50 schafe85 Yes
WesternAuto17 schafe85 schafe85 Yes
cdmba schafe85 cdmba Yes
schafe85 bridgeboy13 bridgeboy13 N.A
schafe85 4530445 4530445 Yes
schafe85 Hammersyellow Hammersyellow Yes
schafe85 SirSatsaLot SirSatsaLot Yes
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