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Player Name MapPlayer NameWinner Game Counted ?
maverickx17 Power maverickx17 Yes
tjm714 Power Power Yes
Power N4msTeam Power Yes
LadMan Power Power Yes
Power zockiaschwilli Power Yes
Power N4msTeam Power Yes
Power Flonatic79 Power Yes
PeppermintPatty Power Power Yes
NIKO-Scap Power Power Yes
byi2020 Power Power Yes
Ementaler Power Power Yes
Mazzer Power Power Yes
Power invictussss Power Yes
Power N4msTeam Power Yes
hamnett93 - Twitch AngLeon hamnett93 - Twitch Yes
Vandersk AngLeon Vandersk Yes
AngLeon TTV-xDillon318 AngLeon Yes
Stingray AngLeon AngLeon Yes
belata99 AngLeon AngLeon Yes
lightsign AngLeon AngLeon Yes
AngLeon Not1-4Rulez Not1-4Rulez N.A
AngLeon Not1-4Rulez AngLeon Yes
#'[email protected]*' AngLeon AngLeon Yes
Normi85WTB AngLeon AngLeon Yes
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