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Player Name MapPlayer NameWinner Game Counted ?
nasty_but_nice Amatrox nasty_but_nice Yes
Rothgar Amatrox Rothgar Yes
johnnyhotrock Amatrox johnnyhotrock Yes
Amatrox Marc Amatrox Yes
Amatrox luckyfifaboy luckyfifaboy Yes
Amatrox efernsdel Amatrox Yes
Amatrox ReuKnight12 ReuKnight12 Yes
Amatrox IxXSniperXxI Amatrox Yes
Beef Amatrox Amatrox Yes
Sascha681 Amatrox Sascha681 Yes
Amatrox star_grinder_bm Amatrox Yes
star_grinder_bm Amatrox Amatrox Yes
Amatrox SpitFire Amatrox Yes
Amatrox AD6942 Amatrox Yes
AD6942 Amatrox Amatrox Yes
Bavmorda Amatrox Amatrox Yes
Amatrox Kubi1230 Kubi1230 N.A
Amatrox josefbear Amatrox Yes
Amatrox Markus222222 Markus222222 Yes
Amatrox sondenis Amatrox N.A
Rstyle Mario Amatrox Rstyle Mario Yes
zockiaschwilli Amatrox zockiaschwilli Yes
jwrobinson93 Amatrox Amatrox Yes
Amatrox BLoser BLoser Yes
bachatus Amatrox Amatrox Yes
Amatrox TAG_Dominator TAG_Dominator Yes
Didi Amatrox Amatrox N.A
Amatrox Lauriello123 Amatrox N.A
LukMik1984 Amatrox LukMik1984 Yes
Amatrox rob.herd Amatrox N.A
Amatrox Joseph Stalin Joseph Stalin N.A
Amatrox Bonuspart Amatrox N.A
Amatrox V\302\243N0M V\302\243N0M N.A
Amatrox ShadowCast ShadowCast Yes
Amatrox cahfield Amatrox Yes
Amatrox sinless1983 Amatrox Yes
Amatrox 50cannock Amatrox Yes
Amatrox Lauriello123 Amatrox Yes
Amatrox mehmet19a mehmet19a Yes
Amatrox Rotluchs Amatrox Yes
ankorez_hlccdr8 Amatrox ankorez_hlccdr8 Yes
Amatrox LightTanksRG4Y Amatrox Yes
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